Mission Statement

To assist each child to discover their
God-given talents. To empower them to develop their talents so that with humility they can use them to improve their lives and the lives of others. Understanding that they are the custodians and stewards of the God-given gifts in this universe.

After five years...

This project was inaugurated in 1986 by Fr.Titus H. Rodrigo O.S.B., a Catholic priest, with the vision of helping needy children obtain and/or continue their education. As a newly ordained priest he was assigned to a very remote area as associate pastor. There he saw the needy children and their struggle to continue their education without having much help from the parents who had to struggle hard around the clock just to place food on the family table, many of these parents never having had an opportunity to earn an education for themselves.

Sadasarana Children’s Handicrafts is one of the projects which served to fund this program and also to teach children to produce things out of waste materials. Students are taught to use scrap wood and other materials that could be found in their own environment and recycle them into reuseable items, and, in the process, contribute to protecting nature. With the help of a few who were interested, who were students themselves, this project was started.

We began as little gift shop on St. Anthony’s church premises to sell our products, together with other materials for school, to the children for little more than cost. Hyacinth Fernando who worked in this little gift shop in the evenings, was a school girl then. She also learned the wood craft quite well and later became a public school teacher as she was one of the first to receive our help.

This project helps children to learn a craft and, at the same time, earn some money for their own expenses. During the last two decades it has aided many children to continue their education, and also to identify and improve their talents.

Fr. Titus came to the United States of America (USA), in July 2000, for five years. During this time he worked for the Diocese of Fresno and was able to continue his education, earning a Masters Degree at Cal-State University Bakersfield. It was during this time he was presented the opportunity to develop this project furter. With assistance from Leticia Jimenez of Bakersfield, he received his first scroll saw and sander to work in his free time. He later extended his work to the students of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, in Bakersfield, where he was able to give an orientation about his type of wood work which was very well received.

Fr. Titus is also thankful to Joann Leon and Melissa Gaeta and many others who helped with his fundraising efforts. Time to time we had our wood craft sales, and with donations, we had the opportunity to help the children of Sri Lanka further their education and proceed with various projects at home which worked to develop and preserve God-given nature.

When Fr. Titus moved to St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church in July, 2003, to serve as parochial vicar, Begonia DeLeon a parishioner volunteered to establish his project as a non-profitable organization in the USA. Thanks to her tireless work, along with the cooperation from various people in the parish and elseshere, we have taken long strides on the path of improvement in the service for God in the children.

With the courtesy of Msgr. Ronald Swett, pastor at St. Philip Church, we are able to use the facility for our office. Ron and Julie Black are hosting the web for us. For this and all God has blessed us with, we and the people of Sri Lanka are very thankful.

Our Goals...


To assist the children to discover
their talents and to help them
improve for their own benefit and for
the benefit of the world community.
2.    To help them develop a greater
sense of love and respect for nature.
3.    To help them improve, preserve
and use nature's gifts sparingly with
maximum care, knowing that we
human beings are not the owners but
the caretakers and the stewards of

In view of the above goals, we strongly
recommend and encourage the children
to use mainly wood and other materials
for their handicrafts that is waste from
other projects or simply collected from
the environment.

Children will engage in planting trees
and herbs that are valuable for medicine,
exotic purposes and for timber.

Sadasarana Children's Education Fund
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Fr. Titus and his non-profit organization, Sadasarana, are looking for generous people like you to sponsor needy children in Sri Lanka. For as little as $10 a month, you can help feed, clothe and educate a poor child in Sri Lanka. Sponsorship payments can be made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Please fill out the sponsorship form and send all payments to:

c/o Fr. Titus Rodrigo
PO Box 22691
Bakersfield, CA 93390-2691

One-time donations are also accepted. All donations are tax-deductible. For any questions, please contact us via email at